Litestone Products

Ilam Stone Litestone Heads and cills closely match cast stone in texture and colour whilst being only one third the weight of its dry cast equivalent.

Most pieces are within manual lifting recommendations a 1405 dry cast cill weighs approximately 61kg whereas the litestone product weighs approximately 22kg. Less weight = Improved handling, less damage.

Litestone is ideal for all large housing developers being available in a standard range of sizes and colours.

Examples of Ilam Stone Litestone Products

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Technical Data

Property Semi-Dry Litestone
Manufactured to BS 1217 BS1170 Part 5
Mean Compressive Strength 35N/mm2 70N/mm2
With no result less than 28N/mm2 55.5N/mm2
Water Absorbtion (CAP) 1.00mg/mm2 0.68/mm2
With no individual figure exceeding 1.3mg/mm2 0.68mg/mm2
On a 1500mm long x 140mm x 100mm Head, the component cracked at 1.38 KN, based on a ‘Point Loading’ over 100mm. The tests were performed without using any form of support lintel. The above allows brickwork to be built off the Litestone (as per Cast Stone) with supporting Lintel Catnic below.

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